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Being an Independent or International Business Owner certainly has its rewards, but it also has inherent risks. In fact, some risks can result in the kind of financial devastation that can never be overcome.

…And what's really disturbing is that many times the loss could have been totally avoided.

That’s where we come in.

liferevs is committed to Identifying Opportunities, and Engaging Technology to accelerate and protect your business.

The following services are just some of the foundational structure liferevs will help you implement to continue your business in a profitable manner:

One of the most effective ways to protect your business dream is to create a solid entity upon which to build. We offer Entity Creation as that first step towards risk reduction.

Having a Registered Agent is another way to further extend that protection by strategic anonymity.

An EIN number, or Employer Identification Number ensures you have the protection from the government as well. This number identified you both in case of mistaken business identity, as well as to the IRS so you pay your Fair Share of Taxes … and not a penny more.

Finally, having a US Bank Account is key to doing business here in the states and abroad. Not only is every deposit protected under the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Company), but it also shows a level of professionalism and legitimacy recognized around the world. We setup the Bank Account and will mail you a debit card no matter where in the world you live; except Burma, Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.

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My WY Co.

Have liferevs setup an LLC for you. In the US with a Registered Agent, Business Address (NO BANK ACCOUNT)
$374.54 (AUD)

MyCo. Joint Ventures

Have liferevs setup an LLC for you. In the US with a Registered Agent, Business Address and Bank Account
$802.58 (AUD)


Save Thousands on Your Business Taxes with One Touch! Maximize Your Tax Deductions and Protect Yourself Against an Audit*
$16.04 (AUD) $10.69 (AUD)